AYB (Associated Yacht Brokers) administers the facebook “Yachts for sale” group and the AYB network of over 30 interlinked facebook groups for the accelerated viral sale of Boats on the facebook marketplace.
*Yacht Brokers can join AYB  here.

SELLING GUIDE for Professional Brokers and the serious private vendor.

First, you will need a personal facebook account, very quick and easy to do, a job you could delegate.

Join  the  all GROUPS appropriate to what you are selling

Start by joining “Yachts for Sale”, always post on “Yachts for Sale” and then repost to other appropriate groups.

Only enter each boat once.(ON “Yachts for Sale” Group) You will be able to repost many times to different groups AND the Facebook Marketplace without re-entering.
AYB Brokers may enter unlimited different boats.
All others just one
It will be deleted, repeat offenders will be banned from all the groups and all their posts deleted ! *************************
You may repost the advert to other groups, look for the “post to marketplace ” button to the left of the blue “Post” button, choose the other groups carefully.
E.g a Dutch Barge for Sale
which is also posted to Cruising Houseboats for Sale, Houseboats for sale, motor yachts for sale, Yachts for sale and Motor yachts for sale 50-60′ and of course, to Marketplace.
For another example.
Post your 60 foot motor sailer on
Sailing Yachts for sale 50 – 60 feet
Put “Suit Liveaboard” in both title and description.
Before you click the blue post button
Click the “Marketplace ….This group” button.
Tick these
Sailing Yachts for Sail 60-70 feet
Sailing Liveaboards for Sale
Cruising Houseboats for sale
Sailing Yachts for Sale
Yachts for Sale.
1. You must join each of the above groups for them to appear in the list of groups you can post to.

2. Near the top of the group-page, members will see a blank opportunity for you to post, select the first option ” Sell Something”.

if the Sell Something box isn’t there, click the top of the left menu to got to the Home page of that facebook Group.

3.In “What are you Selling” put

(year built-if known) (length in feet or meters) (Manufacturer -if known) ( material)(type of boat)


4. Put the asking price in Pounds Sterling

5.Get the location right!

6.”Describe your item” relevant details about what your boat is like now. (people can message you via facebook, only put your  phone number if you don’t mind everyone knowing it) put your website address on the bottom line. This will link to your site page and increase your sites’ SEO rating.

{If your boat Could be used as a Liveaboard or houseboat Say so, then it can be posted to more groups and spread further}


7.add your photos.

If your web address has caused a picture of your website to appear, click the X at the top right corner of that picture, then you will see the ADD PHOTOS box. You can select all your photos and upload with one click !

8. Click the blue NEXT buttton bottom right.

This will give a small initial selection of groups (if you can’t see the Select Audience box as below, try scrolling up)

CAREFULLY select any other appropriate groups (as well as Marketplace, which is important) when you are certain all the correct target groups are ticked, THEN click the blue POST button .

Now go to the post and you will see the blue button now says POST TO MORE PLACES, click and choose any more groups that are correct.

(If you post the same boat manually in different groups, facebook doesn’t like it!)


Invite each of your facebook friends to like your post.
Share your post on your facebook timeline (public)
On each group you belong to
Go to the ADD MEMBERS area .
Add from the dropdown list of your friends those who you believe will be interested in that group.
Now your advert has every chance of going
Viral on Facebook !

To maximise the viral power of advertising on Facebook,

9. Share to your own timeline (make it PUBLIC)

10.Share to each of your friends.


You can put ANY details in this group posting ;- Email, Website links Telephone numbers and as many pictures as you like, also people can message you directly through facebook.


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