Alan Buchanan – east anglian mk2 for sale
£ 900
in need of repair
Scotland, Glasgow, United Kingdom.

Offers welcome
Built 1968 in Maldon Essex. Sank on mooring during restoration and was recovered. and is now lying out of the water. during recovery the anchor punctured a small hole in one plank )see pic). Otherwise the hull is as solid as the day she was built. The wooden deck (teak I think) is complete and undamaged and the coachwork sides and roof beams were all replaced as part of restoration. Plywood roof needs replacing as the ply has delaminated. Internally needs a refit and there is no engine included. Comes with wooden mast and boom, stainless steel pushpit&pullpit and some deck fittings.
Please email me if you have any questions


2018-02-03 14:14:03

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