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1. Only post items that fit the group title (Except “Yachts for Sale” where you can post any boat related bits or service as well as any boat)
If you post, for example, a yachting holiday or a fishing reel in “Yachts for sale 30 to 40 feet” you will be blocked from the whole newtwork and all your postings deleted.
2. Take care, re-read your ad to ensure it makes sense and is error-free.
You may post in another  language to English according to your region. Facebook provide a translation option so everyone can read it.

3. AYB Brokers may enter unlimited different boats.

All others just one item (reposted to different groups).
4. We have a Chandlery group for all the bits, you CAN offer your fishing reel here!
5. Dinghies and tenders  can go in “Yachts for sale”and  “Motor Yachts for Sale” as well as “Dinghies and Tenders for Sale”
6. You accept the Terms of this site

                                                          FIRST Join our Yachts for Sale        group.
(This is our ONLY group where you can advertise any boat or  anything or any service related to boats )

                                                             Second  Join at least ONE of these five groups



for step by step instructions on how to enter your craft for sale on Facebook.