Dragonfly 35 Ultimate – Quorning of Denmark for sale
£ 247,000Vat Included / Paid

Northern Ireland, County Antrim, United Kingdom.

Quorning’s Dragonfly DF35 makes an ideal introduction to the pleasures of trimaran cruising. It provides a faster way of sailing, offering the potential to reach a wider sailing area. Quorning produce a clever range of swing wing trimarans, which benefit from the convenience and comfort of low heel angles. Raising the kick-up centre board and rudder blade facilitates access to shallow waters, and offers the ability to simply beach the boat on the sand. In a marina or canal the DF35’s 8.2m sailing beam can be easily reduced to 3.85m. Much more information is available at www.spanglefish.com/dragonfly35. Website price in pounds is representative of 280,000 euros asking price.


2018-02-03 16:33:48

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