Anchors– Anchor designs have evolved greatly over the centuries. The Danforth anchor was a breakthrough design in the early years of world war II: a lightweight anchor with superb holding capabilities. After the war, it became the standard anchor for small craft. Its one weakness is that the flukes may get jammed with a stone, stick, or quahog and it will not reset if a wind or current reversal pops the anchor out. The various plow and claw style anchors were developed to address that possible weakness. However, their ultimate holding power did not measure up to the light weight fluke style on a weight for weight basis. The spade type anchor. Rocna, Manson, Mantus, Ultra etc. appear to be the best of both worlds. Although diehard Danforth owners and their Fortress family are very happy with the performance of the fluke style anchor, the spade style anchors have a terrific reputation for coastal cruisers and are now the most frequently used on the ICW.

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