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Floating House – floodlight – floating house – 90m2 for just £176.416
We build floating houses. This is a show house.
compact, next-gen solution
Floodule technology is completely different from anything else on the property market.
By using mobile and modular technology our product can be transported to every place in the world.
The whole structure is made of separate floating modules. How many and what configuration is decided individually for every project.
The standard of the equipment thus depends on the investor needs and the envisioned function of the object. This can be a five star luxury apartment anchored in a remote corner of the world, offices, a restaurant or a floating house.
The optional equipment of every floodlight includes air source heat pump, floor heating, biological water treatment plant and LED illumination. It is therefore possible to use eco-friendly solutions such as photovoltaic collectors, solar panels and water or wind turbines.
Both the functionality and the standard of the floodlight make it akin to civil engineering. Despite the innovational approach it’s a normal house that floats on water.
Floating houses are constructed using the prefabricated composites, which are light and characterized by remarkable levels of thermal and acoustic insulation rates.
Composites are fireproof, resistant to humidity and salt, and non-corrosive. The composite technology is widely used in automobiles, aviatic, rail and, undoubtedly, in watercraft industry.
€ 200,000.00 (net)
Basic version (interior for further arranging and finishing)
80 m2 + roof terrace
Basic details
             Length: 12.00 m
                     Width: 7.55 m
                     Ilustration: 0.20 m
                     Material: GRP
                     Year Built: 2018
                     Drive: No Engine
                     Number of Cabins: 3
                     Number of Berths: 6
                     Number of Bathrooms: 1


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