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Port Nahmitz (DE) – Emster 1100 Dump boat Nahmitz for just £26.374
Detached boat – trimaran platform with built log cabin 6 x 3,8m, 3m glass front, covered terrace front 2m, partially glazed rear door, 4 windows sideways, engine mount, CE approval
Water tank: 400 l Engine kind: not included in the offer
Overall length: 11 m Width: 4 m
Material: wood / PU / steel Fuel tank:
Year of manufacture: 2017 Boat type: trimaran
Draft: 0.4m Color: red
Headroom: 2.9 m
  Faeces and waste water tank each 400 L incl.,
The boat is based on a trimaran with PU floating body (8mm frost-proof and each body individually secured. The support frame is made of hot-dip galvanized steel and 11m x 4m groß.Erweiterung possible, engine and further expansion steps through us possible, headroom 2.9 m, location Hafen Nahmitz , further information under usedboote.ag more pictures under: facebook.com/hafennahmitz
Basic details
             Length: 11.00 m
                     Width: 4.00 m
                     Ilustration: 0.40 m
                     Material: Polyethylene
                     Year Built: 2017
                     Weight: 3500.00 kg
                     Freshwater Tank: 400.00 l
                     Waste tank: 400.00 l
                     Drive: No Engine
                     Number of Cabins: 2
                     Number of Bathrooms: 1

Lying: Nahmitz


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