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AYB membership £18 for Professionals FREE for private advertisers

AYB membership £18 for Professionals FREE for private advertisers
Price £18
Location Worldwide
-AYB > ‎Jet Skis for Sale(*)AYB membership £18 for Professionals FREE for private advertisers£18WorldwideFIRST read and understand in detail the RULES AYB is a not-for profit organisation dedicated to original research and implementation of the latest techniques in Yacht Brokerage. AYB sponsors research through The Houseboat Centre. Research Projects are designed to find economical and effective systems and products for the benefit of Yacht Brokers and Houseboat Brokers as well as Houseboat and Yacht owners. Some of the solutions are suitable for a much wider audience, but we always have in mind the independent Yacht broker who has to manage everything and survive the inevitable peaks and troughs of cash-flow in spite of the very high cost of advertising One example of a universally popular research project is Passive Income from the Internet You can read about other Projects This group is the result of the research project into Social Media management It is part of the Facebook integrated network of “Yachts for Sale” groups administered by AYB. specifically designed for Yacht Brokers to leverage the power of the Facebook Market place. Yacht brokers are expected to post with professionalism and adherence to the rules, in order to maintain the integrity (and thus the selling power) of the AYB network. Private owners with only one yacht or item to sell are welcome, within the RULES Join on

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