This guide constitutes the Group Rules for all AYB facebook groups.

First Rule Join “Yachts for Sale ” group first, then all others you are interested in

Second Rule Post your item in “Yachts for Sale ” group first, then “Post to more places ” as below.

The “Yachts for Sale” interlinked network of Facebook Groups administered by AYB

is designed for Yacht Brokers and other Yacht Industry Associates

(Yacht Brokers and other Yacht Industry Associates are expected to join AYB  join here)

Private owners with one boat or other item to sell are welcome free of charge, on the condition

that you Post your single item ( in each appropriate group)with the same care and consideration

that we expect from the professionals.

Private owners with more than one listing in the same group (even if it is for the same group) will be asked to pay £18, the same as a broker or dealer . If you have new information, you can edit the original post, or delete it and make a new post. (Use “Your Items” in the top left menu to see a list of your posts).

Please take care. If you waste our time repeatedly with incorrect posts it will be easiest for us to delete your posts and block you.

Amazingly out of our thousands of private members worldwide, on a site designed for professionals, with strict rules,most post carefully and correctly.      Thank You !!


The reason the AYB network is so popular with thousands of members and hundreds more joining every day, is that we use the latest techniques of social media integration to place adverts in front of likely buyers in the right location.

For this to work, you MUST use the “Sell something “option.


Shared posts and any discussion posts will be deleted and persistent posters blocked.

These are strictly “For Sale” groups..


( Once you have posted “Something to sell” in “Yachts for Sale”you can re-post your item for sale to any other suitable group and to “marketplace” using the “Post to more Groups” option)


SERVICE PROVIDERS Choose one offer to sell in each post(you can still add the full description of all other services in the description field) You can post as many DIFFERENT offers as you like.


Any post without the green price just under the title is awkward in various ways and distorts our AYB website badly Also – if you just use the “Share” option on a properly posted for sale item we get the same problem. That “Share” option at the bottom right of the post is great for discussion groups, but please, use the special option to” post to other groups” .


Click here to see all (over 40!) Facebook “Yachts for Sale Groups” administered by AYB


Also join “Marketplace”                (this may help


Sequence for joining and posting on facebook groups administered by AYB

  1. Join the group “Yachts for Sale”

2.Then join any other groups that your item for sale fits

If you are a Broker or other Yacht industry professional you must 

join AYB here

             3.Post your item in Yachts for Sale

4.use the “Items for Sale” option – NOT “start a discussion”

5.Put a short title

6.Enter a price

7.enter the location of your boat  item or office.

8.then a full description (here you can explain e.g. price is in dollars – or euros etc.)

9.upload at least one photo.

10.You will then have an option to post to other groups and “Marketplace” ( but only if you have already joined those groups in step 2 above)


Only post items that fit the group title (Except “Yachts for Sale” where you can post any boat related bits or service as well as any boat)

If you post, for example, a yachting holiday or a fishing reel in “Yachts for sale 30 to 40 feet” you will be blocked from the whole network and all your postings deleted.

Take care, re-read your ad to ensure it makes sense and is error-free.

You may post in another  language to English according to your region. Facebook provide a translation option so everyone can read it.


AYB Brokers and otherProfessional members may enter unlimited different boats , items or services.


All others just one item (which can be reposted to different groups).


We have a Chandlery group for all the bits, you CAN offer your fishing reel here!


 Dinghies and tenders  can go in “Yachts for sale”and  “Motor Yachts for Sale” as well as “Dinghies and Tenders for Sale”


By joining you accept the AYB terms which are found here …