Passive Income from Web

Yacht Brokers like most business people, spend a lot of time on the internet.

So we have looked at a number of ways over the years for you to make some financial return as an incidental to viewing web pages. What a lot of research time wasted!

However, you will be pleased to learn that at last a new system is now being launched which will genuinely reward you for nothing more than you already do, visiting the web pages you need for work, or want for leisure.

Tests prove that it is easy to set up in a few minutes, then you can forget about it.

You won’t make a fortune, but for no more effort you can expect to collect (e.g.) a £50 voucher for Amazon, every so often.

A large selection of products will be available for you to choose from in exchange for your browsing credits (“Tokens”).


Here is the outline of the business plan.

Some of the pages you visit have third party adverts on them (often paying a commission to the website owner “per viewing” )

It is your screen and you have the right to use “ad-blocking” software to remove these ads so you don’t have to see them.

The revolutionary new idea is that, you don’t just block those ads, you allow other ads automatically to take their place, these replacement ads automatically give YOU credit per viewing !

So you still visit the same web-pages for the same length of time and do what you normally wanted to. The ads are different and you get commission instead of the website owner.

Tests by AYB show no slowdown of browsing while this happens automatically


It is now working for Chrome and Firefox browsers, Safari is due to be added next. The site is in “Beta” testing status it is called Gener8

Here is what the enthusiastic, dedicated management team have to say about the current situation.

“We can only start working with our advertising partners when we have more users. The faster we grow, the sooner we can work with them, which means that we can show you tailored ads so and ensure you get paid for them. Right now we are funding all of the items in the marketplace, but this isn’t sustainable. That’s why we’re asking users to invite friends to help us grow.

So why should I use Gener8 now?

  1. Because you are not seeing any ads! Only feel good images (like pictures of pugs and other images our users voted for)
  2. Because you still earn tokens for seeing these feel good images and after inviting 2 friends you can exchange them for products, vouchers or donations to charity.
  3. Because we’re growing every day and quickly heading towards being able to show you tailored ads so that the marketplace is permanently stocked (and you can ‘cash out’)
  4. Because you’re an early adopter and an important part of the movement ?

Gener8 is intended “ to change advertising. Our vision is to give you more control over the ads that you see and enable you to make money from seeing them. Gener8 is an extension that works by replacing all online ads so that it can pay you every time you see one. The money comes from the companies who’ve paid to show you ads.

The more users we have, the more money we can charge companies and therefore the more money you gener8. As we grow so does the amount of money you make. (currently 30,000 users, target is 50,000)

In order for Gener8 to be able to gain traction in the (advertising) industry we need to build our user base. This enables us to have serious discussions with media agencies and advertisers and ensures that we are able to demand a fair price for your attention (for the ads you see). This is what ends up in your pocket – the advertising revenue that they pay to show you ads. We have made a deliberate decision not to sell any ad space until we have a larger user base. That’s why you aren’t seeing ads right now – you’re seeing pugs and other feel good images that users have voted to see.”

Join Genr8 now it is free for all and for all time .