Project Research Conclusion For Cloud IT policy

Cloud based office IT for Yacht brokers was implemented and recommended to members by AYB in 2006 using WebOffice, then owned by Cisco.

(Microsoft didn’t start with cloud services until 2010)

AYB subsequently investigated and now advocate full use of Google services to provide an integrated cloud based system.

The Reason for going cloud?

Machine independence. You can lose all your computers etc in a fire overnight and carry on running your business in the morning using new, borrowed or hired pc’s, logging on to your cloud accounts.


If you succeed in transferring all your IT activity to the cloud, then we recommend the current generation of Chromebooks for economy speed and resistance to malware and hack attacks. One of the big improvements over Windows is – No long updates !

Initially they were too limited to rely on for everything, even so we were using them for most everyday tasks from the outset. Today Android apps can be used on most Chromebooks and many Chromebooks include adequate offline storage for small business use. If you are an AYB broker and follow this advice if you hit a problem contact us as we may well have been there before you and found the solution.