Project Research (ongoing) For Social Media management

  • After 12 great years, The AYB and Houseboat Centre websites have been completely redesigned.  The reason is that internet buying has changed completely in the last two years.  The leading force for change, growing in sales produced, faster than any other, is – –Facebook.

So we are integrating with Facebook, establishing links and feeds which means that adverts tend to be spread virally between people with an interest in Houseboats.

The Interlinked Network Of “Yachts For Sale” Facebook Groups For AYB Members



AYB now offers a quick and easy way for Yacht Brokers, Dealers and other Yacht industry service providers to tap into the globe-leading selling power of Facebook.

Social Media marketing can seem a confusing nightmare, particularly for those whose early campaigns consisted of adverts in Yachting magazines.

AYB have established a sophisticated integrated network of “Yachts for Sale ” groups within Facebook, harnessing the synergy between the integrated network and the Facebook algorithm.

For it to work optimally, members are required to comply with precise rules to ensure their posts gain maximum momentum and contribute to the smooth running of the whole operation.

In return for a professional approach to posting, AYB promise sellers

“You can be sure your posts will appear to those of the 2 Billion plus Facebook users who want Your type of boat in  Your location. 

– The highly sought after “Philosopher’s Stone” of Yacht Marketing.”



Other Professional Services available include :-

  • Creating your company Facebook page.
  • Maintaining your Facebook page
  • Posting your listing to the AYB network
  • Posting listings on your Facebook page
  • Creating and hosting a Company website

We all know that large successful companies need a Social Media Manager.

You can have AYB be your Yacht Industry Company’s Social Media Manager

Prices start at just £24 a year for all sizes of company and sole trader


*Our favourite quote from one Yacht Broker

“….only £24 a full YEAR ? – you must be joking ... I pay 10 times that a MONTH to the (Yachty Ads ) website !”

With thousands of members and hundreds of thousands of visitors,

the Facebook interlinked network of “Yachts for Sale” groups administered by AYB harnesses the power of synergy with the facebook algorithm to  place your adverts in front of likely buyers in the right location, which is why it is so popular with our thousands of members.

We work hard to keep the groups clean and free from careless mis-posting and deliberate spam.

So when any one of over 2 BILLION Facebook users goes to look for , eg. “Motor yachts for sale 30 to 40 feet”,

that is what they find in the group.


The “Yachts for Sale” interlinked network of Facebook Groups administered by AYB

is designed for Yacht Brokers and other Yacht Industry Professionals who each are asked for a membership contribution of just £18 a year.

Private owners with one boat or other item to sell are welcome free of charge, on the condition

that you Post your single item ( in each appropriate group)with the same care and consideration

that we expect from the professionals!

Only post items that fit the group title (Except “Yachts for Sale” where you can post any boat related bits or service as well as any boat)

If you repeatedly post, for example, a yachting holiday or a fishing reel in “Yachts for sale 30 to 40 feet” you will be blocked from the whole network and all your postings deleted.

Take care, re-read your ad to ensure it makes sense and is error-free.

You may post in another  language to English according to your region. Facebook provide a translation option so everyone can read it.

Yacht Brokers, Dealers, Estate Agents (houseboats), any other advertising more than one item and Service providers  may enter unlimited different boats , items or services, on all appropriate groups


Private owners may advertise just one item (which can be re-posted to different groups).


We have a Chandlery group for all the bits, you CAN offer your fishing reel here!


Dinghies and tenders  can go in “Yachts for sale”and  “Motor Yachts for Sale” as well as “Dinghies and Tenders for Sale”


You can join Marketplace here…