All motor boats and sail boats 30 feet and over are welcome here.
AYB uses the latest techniques of social media integration to place adverts in front of likely buyers in the right location.
You (or your appointed staff member) will need a peronal facebook account to place and repost your advert.

AYB administer the “Yachts For Sale” network of around 20 interlinked yacht selling facebook groups.

Prepare the post your yacht carefully on the Yachts for Sale group, then post simultaneously to the facebook market place and several other groups (eg Yachts for sale, Sailing Yachts for sale, Sailing Yachts for sale 30-40 feet) as appropriate for your craft.

Thats it, facebook and AYB will do the rest. Your yacht will be shown on and on facebook, under the headings you selected on facebook.

1. Join facebook
2. Join facebook group “Yachts For Sale”

3. Once accepted as member, join all groups in the “reccomended by the admins” section; see bottom of the picture below.

for the first group, you will have to wait for approval, after that you will be automatically accepted instantly by any other of these groups you want to join.

2. Near the top of the group-page, members will see a blank opportunity for you to post, select the first option ” Sell Something”.

if the Sell Something box isn’t there, click the top of the left menu to got to the Home page of the facebook Group.

3.In “What are you Selling” put

 (length in feet or meters) (Manufacturer -if known)(model) ( material)(type of boat) (year built-if known)

Example  12 m. Benny Botes S12 GRP motor sailer 1986

This is important so people seaching will find your advert.

4. Put the asking price in Pounds Sterling

5.Get the location right!

6.”Describe your item” relevant details about what your boat is like now. (people can message you via facebook, only put your  email and or phone number if you don’t mind everyone knowing it) put your website address on the bottom line. This will link to your site page and increase your sites’ SEO rating.

{If your boat Could be used as a Liveaboard or houseboat Say so, then it can be posted to more groups and spread further}