YACHTS FOR SALE for sale – Sell your yachts on Facebook..
AYB (Associated Yacht Brokers) administers the facebook Yachts for sale group and the AYB network of over 40 interlinked facebook groups for the accelerated viral sale of Boats on the facebook marketplace.
Sell your boat safely and swiftly through an AYB recommended broker. The commission is usually more than covered by a higher final price. Get professional photos, international mainstream advertising and an organisation that sells more yachts than any other.  Well-trained professional Brokers all over the world – Brighton to The British Virgin Isles, – Chicago to The Coasta Brava….. dozens of Brokers in a network that sells more yachts than any other. It s a Free service to join, you only pay when your boat has been sold for you. Apply for no obligation info here

Why should Yacht Brokers join AYB – Associated Yacht Brokers ?
We welcome all practising yacht brokers to apply including those whose Client account and Professional liability insurance are held by a franchise, a cooperative, or other umbrella organisation SEE MORE