International Yacht Registry

Register your yacht in three days whatever your nationality

AYB can organise internationally recognised registry for your yacht online, fast!

Register under a European Union nation’s Flag – valid as long as you keep the boat – no renewals!

Do you need a European Union flag registration that is valid around the world and is available to all nationalities – we can provide you with an internationally valid   EU flag registration. This registration is valid as long as you own the  boat and therefore you will not need to renew your paperwork. The whole process is very simple, as you do not need a yacht survey and the provisional documents can be supplied in 2-5 days and the final registration should not take more than 4 weeks, if you supply us with the correct documents. This is currently the easiest and most inexpensive flag in the world!

The nationality and place of residence of the owner are not relevant at all.

It is not required that the owner of the yacht resides in the EU / EEA.

How long does it take to register?
The provisional yacht registration will be supplied in 2-5 days. It will be sent to you by email and the permanent registration document takes up to 3-4 weeks from the day that we receive all documents from you.

Important: with the 2-5 days provisional registration, you will be able to use your boat at once – legally !


0-6.99 m               €385                     (= up to 22 ‘ 11 ” ) 

 7.00-11.99 m      €485                     (= up to  39′ 4″ ) 

12.00-24.00 m   €585                     (= up to 78′ 8″)