Special Invite for Network Yacht Brokers


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Benefits of AYB Membership

“Integrity, Efficiency, Economy”



AYB is an internationally recognised professional organisation, whose motto is


AYB Brokers are listed  in the AYB Directory and have a dedicated web page

It is public knowledge that every AYB Broker must

  •  agree to a code of conduct 
  • have adequate public liability insurance 
  •  have a recognised financial arrangement to protect clients funds

The membership Certificate can be displayed in your office showing  a QR code linking to your directory entry and your Listings


AYB Brokers have access to a private page, with links to important resources, especially the AYB Brokers Resource Pack.

AYB members can request advice and information on any point relating to their business at any time.

The AYB Research Centre has investigated a number of topics raised by AYB Brokers. The conclusions are published.

The contents of the Resource Pack include

  1. Brokerage Listing Agreement
  2. Yacht Listing Platforms
  3. Industry Associations
  4. Market Research and Data
  5. Yacht Shows and Events
  6. Yacht Management Software
  7. Legal and Financial Resources
  8. Yacht Insurance


AYB Yacht Brokers who do not already have a website can request one free of all  charges and have instructions on how to maintain it with their listings.


AYB Brokers who have a financial setback can request a hold on payment of dues, subject to circumstance.

Other help and advice on  may be requested as required.



AYB maintains a powerful listing platform on Social media called “Yachts Classified“.

Most of the members (350,000 and rising) are potential Yacht Buyers.

Only AYB members may List on Yachts Classified.

Listings on Yachts classified are also linked from your Directory page

Here are just 18 of the 40 Categories in Yachts Classifieds


Motor Yachts for Sale up to 30 feet

Motor Yachts for sale 30 to 40 feet

Motor Yachts for Sale 40 to 50 feet

Motor Yachts For Sale 50 to 60 feet

Motor Yachts for Sale 60 to 80 feet

Motor Yachts for Sale over 80 feet

Motor Catamarans for Sale

Powerboats For Sale

RIBS for Sale

Sailing Yachts for Sale

Sailing Yachts for Sale up to 30 feet

Sailing Yachts for Sale 30 to 40 feet

Sailing Yachts for Sale 40 feet to 50 feet

Sailing Yachts for Sale 50 to 60 feet

Sailing Yachts for Sale 60 to 80 feet

Sailing Yachts for Sale over 80 feet

Sailing Catamarans for Sale



(currently membership dues are  50 pounds sterling per year)

You will be included in the AYB Directory

and have access to support and advice about Selling Boats and yacht brokerage.

By joining you confirm that you comply with and accept 

The AYB Code of Practice


You can cancel membership at any time by email.
Refunds will be given in respect of dues paid after a cancellation email has been received

(If you have any problem making payment, contact us urgently to avoid being blocked from groups in the network)