Provisional Membership

New Members

Provisional Membership of Associated Yacht Brokers as AYB BROKER or AYB PARTNER is earned simply by joining any one of over 40 groups in the Yachts Classifieds network and posting a yacht for sale.

This was explained when each new member joined the group and Facebook presented the rules.

The Yachts Classifieds platform was created , and is administered by AYB, for AYB members to post in.

It is intended that only AYB members post, but would-be new members are invited to become provisional AYB members by posting in a professional manner, within the network.

The unique structure of the network and carefully designed rules ensure that your posts will get maximum exposure, leveraging both basic S.E.O. and the Facebook algorithm

A.Y.B. accepts applications from all over the world, A.Y.B. members have the right to post in all 40 groups with memberships totalling over 600,000.
Members report an average 12% increase in sales when using Yachts Classifieds


Go to
if you haven’t already done so, please read “ABOUT”
Then go to “Classifieds” for Links to each of our 40 Facebook groups

Look through your listings and join all groups where any of your listings match the title.

We trust new provisional members will read and appreciate  the benefits of  AYB membership and move on to join as  full members in a timely manner.