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Currency ISO 4217 code Country or territory
Australian dollar AUD Australia
Brazilian Real BRL Brazil
British Pound GBP United Kingdom
Canadian Dollar CAD Canada
Czech Koruna CZK Czech Republic
Danish Krone DKK Denmark
European Euro EUR 19 states of the EU
Hong Kong Dollar HKD Hong Kong (China)
Hungarian Forint HUF Hungary
Israeli New Shekel ILS Israel
Japanese Yen JPY Japan
Mexican Peso MXN Mexico
New Taiwan Dollar NT$ Taiwan
New Zealand Dollar NZD New Zealand
Norwegian Krone NOK Norway
Phillipine Peso PHP Phillipines
Polish Zloty PLN Poland
Russian Ruble RUB Russia
Singapore Dollar SGD Singapore
Swedish Krona SEK Sweden
Swiss Franc CHF Switzerland
Thai Baht THB Thailand
US dollar USD United States