Being one of the winners in Yacht sales

You want to find the best platform for your listings

But just finding what you believe is the best, is still cutting you off from

a section of the market that only looks elsewhere.

Dedicated and disciplined yacht enthusiasts will visit prestige websites and other MLS sites

and carefully enter desired criteria in MLS search forms.


But there are also millions ,with varying levels of interest in yachting,

who just check into Facebook everyday and only see what the Facebook algorithm chooses for them.


The Facebook marketplace is normally unclassified. But as experienced Yacht brokers, we know that most buyers have an idea of whether they are interested on Motoring or Sailing and about how long they want their next yacht to be.


There is only one network of yacht sales groups on Facebook that gives that classification. “Yachts Classifieds “, by Associated Yacht Brokers.

Have a look at this professionally designed network and see how to penetrate another broad section of the marketplace.

If you work at it and place our listings appropriately, you are guaranteed to reach Buyers and Sellers, who will not see you off social media.

One new buyer or one new seller will more than pay for a year’s membership.

Don’t you owe it to your future prosperity to investigate?

Yachts Classifieds