There are various reasons for banning individuals, some obvious, here follow two common ones.


Within Yachts Classified on Facebook are 40 integrated groups each has published an identical set of 8 Rules.

Rule 1. includes “…..

Apply to join AYB before posting via

You become a provisional member of AYB as soon as you post ,,,,,”

A professional Yacht Broker who joins a Yachts Classified group

(A process which includes  the question have you read and accepted the group rules) and fails to read and understand the Rules, clearly lacks the ability to be a professional yacht broker, which requires attention to detail, attentiveness and understanding of contracts and obligations.

A professional Yacht Broker who understands the rules and consistently posts without joining AYB and paying their dues in spite of a number of reminders, lacks the integrity which is the most important attribute of a Yacht Broker for Buyer and Seller alike