AYB Help

Join the Headline group “Yachts for Sale” and all other groups whose titles match your intended listings.

Let’s take an example, say you have a 35 foot Houseboat with a diesel engine.
This can be posted in the following groups
“Yachts for Sale”, “Motor Yachts for Sale”, “Motor Yachts for Sale 30 to 40 feet”, “Houseboats”, “Cruising Houseboats for Sale”
Your first step is to apply to join each of those groups which can be found in the Menu as “Groups”.

Then on the “Yachts for Sale ” group at the top is a block with options:-
Select the first option “Buy and Sell” (you may be already be there by default)

Below select “Sell Something”

Then “choose listing type popup appears

Choose “Item for Sale”

Now in the block exactly where it says “Title” Put a clear descriptive tile with the most important details
“2013 35′ MARCO streamer35 Houseboat volvo diesels”
so above we have the YEAR, LENGTH, MAKE MODEL TYPE and ENGINES all in the title.

(No more than 25 words and no web-links in the title!)

In the next field below you will be asked for PRICE, now your currency may be different to the group currency, but because you will enter your location next, that won’t matter much, so if you are selling for $25000 US, enter 25000 in the price field and remember to put at the beginning of your description later “Price is in US $”
Facebook have given advice on how to change the currency, but it is not instant and doesn’t always work. Here is what they have said on the matter
“Visit your Payment Settings:- https://www.facebook.com/settings?tab…
Below Preferences, select your preferred currency and then click Save Changes
Keep in mind: If you change your preferred currency, you’ll need to wait 72 hours before you can change it again.”

Do not put” $1 “or “Free” or “Contact seller” in the price field, put the price you want ( plus a little for negotiation perhaps) . Or put something like “price fixed, no haggling” in the description.

Now select the condition New/ used etc.

Description comes next and it is crucial that you put in all relevant information.

Tell all, be honest and remember to inform about currency if facebook have forced the wrong symbol in the price field.

You can then add up to 20 Product tags which will bring people who search for these phrases to your post.

Now your location goes in the next field. Facebook is international, so you need to define your city. Facebook does throw up a predicted list when you start to type and it is easy to end up with the wrong item from their list. Check your entry when done to make sure the City you chose is the one in YOUR Country, Cities with the same name can be found in different countries, so be careful. Post codes or zip codes are not advised as they are unlikely to be searched for in the wider AYB network


Finally, you MUST upload at least three pictures
– even if you have included a link to a site which produces a picture by itself!
In fact, the more pictures the better, show every feature of your boat. (up to 42)
Then go through and delete those that don’t look good, unless they are essential for showing a feature.

At the end, when you post, you will be given the opportunity to post to other groups, you should see a list including those groups you have just joined in the”Yachts for Sale” integrated network.
Click on each group with a title that fits your item.

If you later want to edit your post, you can either edit each copy in each group, or delete all of them and re-post the item from the beginning as above.

You can get a list of your items for sale. Got to the menu at tip right of group page. Select “Your Items”

You will get a list of your items for sale in that group and continuing directly below the list of




1)Not posting your item in “Yachts for Sale” 

If you do not, you will miss out on the exposure promotions exclusive to the Yachts for Sale  group.

2)Sharing a post from your own facebook page.
Posts must be “Sell Something” and re-posted as above 

3)Starting a discussion
telling people how wonderful you last trip was is very interesting and nice to read in a general interest group about boating. It is, however, not a Boat for sale and will not be welcome in a boat for sale group. People come to these groups to browse adverts of boats for sale
Facebook give AYB a simple click option to block incorrect posts and the posters.
Other posts will be deleted and the annoying person who posted them is likely to be BLOCKED.
That means they will never be able to even see that group or it’s posts again.

4)Not uploading three photos 
If your description includes a link to an advert elsewhere, a photo is likely to appear in the post as a result of the link, but that will not always be seen within the extended network, so you are required to upload at least three.

5)Not joining AYB
The network has been established and is maintained specifically for Yacht Industry Professionals who are members of AYB.    If you want to sell a boat or provide a service   Join AYB first! (once you’ve joined your posts will be approved in the groups and most are repeated on this site within a day , you do not have to do anything more on this site)

Buyers who join AYB groups to see the boats for sale do not have to join AYB and are allowed to participate free of charge .

6)Not posting your item in “Marketplace”

You can learn about how to join Marketplace here…


7) Posting a Motor Yacht in a group  with title starting”Sailing Yachts for Sale…….”

A Sailing Yacht has a SAIL !!  no motor yachts there please.