Violated 1st Rule.Named,Shamed&Banned

If the AYB group you belong to suddenly disappears, it is because you have been blocked.

Our volunteer administrators block around 20 members a week from the AYB network on Facebook.

It used to be many more, but Facebook have given us automated tools to keep out spam like Crocodile videos from Thailand.

Once blocked, that individual is permanently prevented from even SEEING our groups

Some are blocked for posting inappropriate items.. Cars, motorbikes, furniture, clothes.

It is very important to the millions of visitors to our network that when they get a post sent to their personal Facebook page because they are a member of the “Motor Yachts under 30 feet For Sale” that it is a Motor yacht – under 30 feet and it is For Sale (not Wanted, or ISO, or Seeking).

Members have a right to know that any post in the group is by a member of AYB – It is the first rule. Some are Traders, others Yacht brokers.

We demand higher standards from AYB Yacht Brokers and request that they supply evidence of that they are yacht brokers people can trust.

Some Yacht Brokers are in violation of the first group rule., even after we have drawn it to their attention. We have thought long and hard what the reason might be and came up with several possibilities such as – They are lazy, or careless, or stupid, or dishonest.

We are open to hear other possible “excuses”.

None of those attributes belong to a yacht broker that AYB wants as a member nor that most people want in a yacht broker they deal with.

If you are an honest broker, take care to join AYB before you post on our network, it is the first rule of every one of the 40 groups.

Here is an example

RZ Group Ltd was blocked on 21/11/2021 they were automatically permanently removed from all of our groups that they had joined. They can no longer even see those groups.

They are not and have never been, Genuine AYB Brokers.


We had sent this message to their Facebook page on 17 Apr 2021

Hello RZ Group ! I am writing about your advert in facebook group “Motor Yachts for Sale 40 to 50 feet” This is one of 40 groups administered by AYB We are pleased to see your entry, but please allow me to remind you of the rule that posts in this integrated network designed for Marine Leisure Professionals may only be made by AYB members. You can join online at once for a tiny fee (£24) Please go to select your correct status as AYB BROKER Thank you

And this nessage on

11 May 2021, 08:58

“I see you are still posting, but you have not joined AYB

please respond. “