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The cryptocurrency market has created an exciting new opportunity to invest money.

You can swap tokens, stake them, or trade them for a profit. Like any other asset category in your portfolio, keeping track of how your investments perform is important. That’s why knowing how to view your Trust Wallet transaction history is essential.

You will probably also need this information for tax purposes when filing your returns.

In this article, we’ll look at how to view your Trust Wallet transaction history. This data will keep you updated on what’s going on with your crypto assets.


How to Check Pending Transactions on Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet maintains a record of all transactions that occur on its platform. Each cryptocurrency exchange is assigned a unique code, known as a transaction ID. This ID ensures that every trade is verified and added to the blockchain. Your Trust Wallet transaction history will consist of a list of these codes, allowing you to track the credits and debits in your digital wallet.

Every once in a while, you might try to trade tokens and find that your transaction is pending. That essentially means that the system hasn’t processed it. Viewing your pending transactions is essential because it allows you to retrieve tokens essentially stuck in the blockchain. You can either cancel the trade or increase the gas fees to complete the deal successfully.
Here’s how to view a pending transaction in Trust Wallet.
Open your Trust Wallet app.

Navigate to the token section and select the cryptocurrency you want to view.
Scroll through the transactions listed and click the one you suspect is pending.

Tap “More Details” to open the blockchain explorer page.

Go through the transaction details displayed to see your pending transaction.

Each transaction will have a status next to it. It will either be marked “Confirmed,” “Pending,” or “Failed.” There will also be details of the transactions that will clarify why the trade hasn’t been processed yet.
How to View Recent Transactions on Trust Wallet
Trust Wallet records all of the transactions that take place on its platform. Every exchange is assigned a unique code to ensure the transaction is added to the blockchain. If you want to view your most recent trades, you can use the instructions below.
Launch your Trust Wallet app.

Head to the token section and tap on the cryptocurrency you would like to view.

A list of your recent transactions will be displayed.

You have now viewed your recent transactions on Trust Wallet.