Unsafe Banks and Card Companies – Santander & Capital One

The 10 issuers with the most consumer complaints against them to the

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

accounted for 79.6% of all claims. Notably, the three with the most complaints — Capital One, Citibank and JPMorgan Chase — are among the top four issuers of general-purpose credit cards in the U.S. American Express, the second-largest credit card issuer, ranked sixth for complaints.
AYB has the benefit of feedback from among the 550,000 plus members of Yachts Classifieds
In the light of clear, indisputable  and certain evidence,
AYB has passed judgement that Santander Bank  and Capital One are unusually High Risk to customers.
Consequently AYB no longer accepts applications using cards from these two proscribed companies.
You are advised to close all accounts with Santander Bank  and Capital One and seek long-established reputable alternatives