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How to buy your Dream Yacht WITHOUT borrowing

Sell popular quality products online or in a physical store to increase your capital.

Aybro Bulk is an online wholesale store in a mall where you can source over a thousand popular quality products for resale at very low prices.

Minimum order is 50 items, regardless of price.

Unlike most such stores, YOU know who WE are, Including name and address.

To ensure you get the benefit of the security and reassurance of trading with AYB, save  the Store link.

To avoid bank charges and to ensure confidentiality, all trades are made in cryptocurrency.

(the secure one that is tied to the US dollar,known as USDT     USDT EXPLAINED )

You can buy USDT online from a crypto exchange We use BINANCE , but do your own research.

you will need to store your USDT in a Crypto wallet. the Crypto wallet we use with Binance is Trust Wallet but do your ow research.

You will need to register as a buyer on the platform known as Ordercast. Have a look at the site and make your own decision as to whether to proceed with Ordercast. All business ventures involve risk.

If you do decide to go ahead and buy from AYBRO Bulk,

Always message to confirm stock levels before ordering !

“Don’t tie up your precious working capital waiting for goods we don’t have enough of”

You can then order high quality products, delivered in days, all fast selling items that you can sell online or in your physical store.

Your orders payments and deliveries are all recorded in your private”Mall Buyer” account and all movements are confirmed by email.

The platform is extremely fast and robust.

Make sure that you are dealing with a store you really trust,

where you know the name and address of the organisation running it.

We suggest ours – AYBRO Bulk!

The slender margins are used to support AYB (a “not-for profit” Association)